There are a million ways to get inspired.

Think about it. Inspiration comes to us in small ways every day. It’s there in the outfits we pick and in the whims we give in to. It’s there in every burst of silliness that we have, and in every shot of spontaneity that courses through our bodies at any given time.

Hell, if the mood ever strikes you to go back to childhood, inspiration is there in every moment you look up and see a shape in the clouds.

For me, I’ve found that it takes the smallest things to get me inspired. A random sticker on a telephone pole. A quirky label. The uneven tiling of an old bakery floor. Those creepy shadows cast by barren tree branches when the light hits them just so.

There are a million ways to get inspired, and I was moved to turn some of my inspiration into coloring books. They have different themes, and their designs are oh so divergent, but they’re all designed to help you¬†unplug, unwind, and undo some of that daily stress.

Coloring books by Allie Vane

Mazes? Hidden objects? Mandala patterns?

Some folks might call that inconsistent. I call it having fun with my designs.

For me, the point of coloring is to help you fight stress, while at the same time giving you an avenue to let your creativity shine.

You already know that coloring is a powerful form of therapy. What I’ve found is that it can also get the creative juices flowing, get me unstuck when I’m stumped with something (like when writing block has me in its claws), and even help me come up with better ideas.

It’s what my coloring patterns do for me, and that’s what I know they can do for you.

Click on the images below to check out each collection, and download your free samples on every page!

In a Tizzy Adult Coloring Book Download
america the beautiful adult coloring book 4th of july

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