All In One Basket Free Easter Coloring Printable

Grab this Easter coloring freebie and stretch your creativity with a fabulous collection of printable Easter eggs to color.

All In One Basket Easter coloring freebie to download and print at home
Grab this Easter coloring freebie and create your own intricate Easter eggs, without the mess!

Not your traditional Easter eggs

When I say Easter eggs, I know most of us tend to think of this.

Classic pastel Easter eggs
This is the mental picture most of us get when we think of Easter eggs. Image via silviarita on Pixabay.

And while I love painting, polishing, and eating the classic colorful Easter eggs, that wasn’t where my mind went when I started thinking about this Easter coloring freebie.

…Because I have to come clean here. I designed this way before St Patrick’s day, and it’s been sitting pretty on my hard drive ever since. That tends to happen when you immediately get an idea for a different project (or three) and working on that seems easier than writing a freebie post.

All In One Basket Free Easter Coloring Printable

Back to our Easter coloring freebie

As I was saying, classic Easter eggs weren’t what I had in mind when I began cooking up this free printable. Matter of fact, I went way way way back to childhood. Because ever since I was a kid, one thing I’ve been in awe of is traditional Orthodox Easter eggs.

Traditional Orthodox Easter eggs are crafting masterpieces
True crafting masterpieces. Image via Zauberei on Pixabay.

They’re some of the most intricate, jaw-dropping designs you can lay your eyes on. And in addition to being an awesome — and in mean that as in an awe-inspiring, humbling — expression of Faith, traditional Orthodox Easter eggs are also inspiring by the amount of work and talent they bring into play.

But while these traditional eggs are magnificent, they can also be incredibly labor-intensive. Between the paints and the waxes involved, making them can also get quite messy. What’s more, they’re not the friendliest for little — or, incidentally, for less than dextrous — hands. (Not that I’m taking cheap potshots at myself or anything. On either count.)

Traditional Orthodox Easter eggs showcase incredibly geometric designs.
Traditional Orthodox Easter eggs showcase incredible craftsmanship and outstanding geometric designs. Image via Zauberei on Pixabay

Geometric coloring fun for Easter

As you can imagine, taking inspiration from these designs certainly didn’t mean copying them wholesale. With how incredibly finicky and intricate they are, it would make for some very laborious coloring pages.

I wanted an Easter coloring freebie that was quick, easy fun. Something that everyone from littles to not-so-littles could enjoy.

Easter coloring freebie: geometric Easter egg printable
This Easter coloring freebie keeps its Easter eggs geometric and fun… Just not as intricate as the designs they were based on.

Large format for extra coloring fun

Now, I know what you might be thinking, and no. I didn’t make an Easter coloring freebie that features one egg per page. That would have been a bit too extra.

No, what I was looking for when I designed this Easter printable was the right balance between the level of detail in each drawing and the amount of time it takes to color in a given egg.

All In One Basket Easter coloring freebie sample page
All In One Basket Easter coloring freebie sample page
All In One Basket Easter coloring freebie sample page

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to coloring these gorgeous geometric Easter egg designs.

Don’t worry, though. Since this is a printable pdf file, I kept things very simple and home-printer-friendly. The All In One Basket Easter coloring freebie is in plain letter paper format. So you can print it straight off and dive right in, no extra cutting or assembly needed.

Download you Easter coloring freebie

Ready to grab your copy? Click the button below and download your free printable right now.

Since I’ve chosen to make this coloring freebie available without an opt-in, please don’t forget to bookmark or Pin this page. That way you can come back to it if you need to download your file again.

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All In One Basket Free Easter Coloring Printable

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