Color Palettes

Beautiful colors and color palettes as far as the eye can see!

Browse this page to look through all my different color palettes. Most of them are pulled from my nature photography, and that means I can’t really arrange them in any particular order.

Rather, they’re sorted by whether I made them in Canva or subsequently in a different app.

On this page, you’ll also find color palettes pulled from classic art; that means primarily color palettes from various classic paintings or statues I photographed when I visited the Louvre.

(BTW, the statue color schemes are particularly gorgeous if you’re looking for absolutely neutral beige palettes.)

Feeling inspired? You’re welcome to use these palettes any way you wish. A link back is appreciated if you use them commercially, but it’s not necessary as such.

All my color palettes below include a Pin It button, so you can save the ones you really like to your blogging, brand colors, wedding theme, decorating, coloring ideas, or other relevant Pinterest boards.

Want a more complete palette version for Procreate? Click on any color palette captioned with P to download a full Procreate palette that you can import straight into the app.

You can also click on the ACO mention in the caption, where available, to download that same richer palette in the Adobe Color format.

Color palette from nature: pinks and greens
Tiny rosebud. | P |
Color palette from nature: vibrant greens color scheme
Pink chestnut blossoms. | P |
Color palette from nature: Mediterranean blues
Med magic. |
Frosted flowers pinks and greens color palette
Frosted flowers. | P |
Color palette from nature: Pinks and greens color scheme
Parrot tulip. | P
orchid and greens color scheme
Little mauve. | P |
color palette from nature: pale greens
Wildflowers in the Valle D’Aosta. | P |
color palette from nature: lilac greys
Lilacs and greys. | P |
color palette from nature: rusted leaf reds
Rusted leaves. | P | ACO
Color Palettes
Pink chestnut blossoms, alternate. | P
Color Palettes
Frosted flowers, alternate. | P |
Color Palettes
Lilac blossom, alternate. | P |
Color Palettes
Parrot tulip, alternate. | P |
Color Palettes
Rusted leaves, alternate. | P | ACO
Color Palettes
Little mauve, alternate. | P |
Color Palettes
Tiny pink rosebud, alternate. | P |
Color Palettes
Valle d’Aosta wildflowers, alternate. | P |
Color Palettes
French cheese. | P |
Color Palettes
A bit of Croatian coastline. |
Color Palettes
An orchid color palette. |
Orange tulip color palette
Orange tulip. |
Fuchsia tulip color palette
Warm apricot color palette
Warm apricot rosebud. |

Enjoy your color palettes, and click here to see more resources.

Color Palettes

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