Hypno-Jagged Geometric Coloring Book

Hypno-Jagged Patterned Stress-Relief Adult Coloring Book Cover

The geometric coloring book made up of sharp shapes and patterned lines.

Sharply hypnotic

A smart collection of geometric patterns for you to color your stress away.

Twists, turns and repetitions that you can dive into and completely let go of your day.

Patterned stress-relief

I designed this coloring book specifically with sharp and very repetitive patterns in mind. I wanted to bring you a geometric coloring book that would stretch you creatively even as it enabled you to lose yourself in the intricate meshwork of its angles and lines.

Geometric coloring you can make your own

This goes without saying, but one of the best things about adult coloring books is that there are no rules.

It’s also one of the things that makes them so perfect for color therapy. You can pick the page that most matches your mood on any given day, you can grab whatever colors express that same mood you’re dealing with, and you can bring yourself into a state of mindfulness while also giving your creativity a workout.

And these pages, with all their shapes and symmetries, will give you therapeutic outlets in spades.

Grab this gorgeous geometric coloring book now, and let your creativity out to play.

Hypno-Jagged Geometric Coloring Book

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