It’s All Latin to Me: A Phrase Coloring Book

It's All Latin to Me: A Latin phrase coloring book for adults
Beautiful Latin phrases and the unique line art to go with them for a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind expression coloring book.

Friends, Romans, countrymen…

…Hmm? No?

OK, fine, I’ll stop. But personally, I thought that worked just great.

A unique phrase coloring book

As my handful of most recent coloring books will be glad to attest, I’ve been on a serious expression kick lately. It might even be more accurate to call it a bender, considering the amount of rifling my dictionaries and reference books got to be put through.

And then something funny happened on the way to my last phrasal coloring book. There was an offhand Latin reference slid in through all the other definitions, and the proverbial, predictable lightbulb — poof!, or maybe it was ping! — went off.

Millennia of wisdom to color as you please

Why not use Latin proverbs and phrases to base a coloring design around?

So I did.

Inside this coloring book, you’ll discover some of the pithiest and most beautiful phrases the Latin language has to offer.

Each of the phrases is embedded in its own unique, full-size coloring design, giving you a gorgeous, generous coloring experience on every page.

I promise you that I’m saying this in all modesty: it’s just a marvellous little treat.

Grab your phrase coloring book today, and give your coloring creativity some unique food for thought!

It's All Latin to Me: A Phrase Coloring Book

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