Complexities - A Stress-Relief Adult Coloring Book


Tangled lines and intricate geometries. Spinning where they asked to be spun, tiled and tethered when they didn’t ask for anything at all. Patterns, patterns, patterns galore.

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‘Complexities’ is a coloring book made up of patterns inspired by mosaics and criss-crossing lines. As with all my coloring books, it’s meant to be something that can help you take a few minutes out of your own busy day to unplug, unwind, and undo some of the stresses and worries that life throws at you.

Coloring helps you focus on nothing, which is a way for you to actually focus on yourself.

You can turn your mind on to something that’s been bothering you, and tease the solution out as you color away. But you can also choose to just breathe, put pencil to paper, and empty your head of all thoughts.


You can close your eyes and pick out a color at random, or you can challenge yourself by giving yourself a palette or a theme.

You can tackle the book in its entirety, or pick out a page for something to do while you’re waiting on something else.

You can color when you feel like it because you feel like it, or you can color with purpose, to tame some anxiety just before you’re due in for an exam or an interview.

You can color to showcase the vibrant beauty in your life, or you can color because your world feels bleak and you just need to cope.

You can color to give your imagination a jumpstart, or you can color because you have too much imagination and need to give it something to do.

No rules, no limits. Let it feel like therapy. Let it feel like fun. Give it a shot, and let yourself be inspired. Grab your copy below.

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