Small Diadem Disney Princess Headband Knitting Pattern

A simple yet very stylish headband designed to use up an itty-bitty scrap of yarn, this knitting pattern is perfect as a quick gift, an adorable accessory, and especially for when you’re craving that Disney Princess look.

Small Diadem Disney Princess Headband free knitting pattern post feature image
A laddered pattern that creates a wonderful diadem effect.

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A free knitted headband pattern

Ok. So is the name of this pattern kind of twee? Maybe. Does it give you an instant Disney Princess look? Omg but does it!

Small Diadem Disney Princess Headband Knitting Pattern

‘Small Diadem’ is an unbelievably cute knitted headband pattern, and it has me absolutely, inordinately pleased. I’m pleased that I’ve come up with it, pleased that I’ve managed to finally carve out the time to write it up, pleased that I could take neat photos, and pleased that I’m finally able to draft and upload a whole entire post.

(I say ‘take neat photos,’ but I had to browse way up on my phone to find these. I worked this headband up and styled the photo shoot whole months ago — it had to be late autumn, as I had some freshly-dried rose petals on hand to sprinkle around.)

And as with Triangulum, and probably all my headband patterns that I’ve worked up or will be designing in the future, I’m choosing to make this pattern available for free to all knitters of pretty things.

small diadem knitted headband in full natural sunlight
Shooting in full, too-bright sunlight was a challenge I happily took on to show off the gorgeous dark green of this merino yarn.

A scrap-buster knitting project

I’d open with ‘picture this’… But you’re a knitter. You don’t have to picture it.

You have a healthy stash. Robust. Vigorous. And you are diligent — valiant, you might even say — in your efforts to make a dent in it.

Project after project goes by, and so too the yarn bought for that purpose, and all is well in your knitting world.

Well… Yes. Except.

Except there is literally no project known to man that uses up the exact amount of yarn in a skein — or in the given number of skeins recommended for that pattern. There is always, always a little something left behind.

small diadem free headband pattern indirect natural light
So slim it’s almost a ribbon, this headband adds visual interest through its textured design. Download the knitting pattern now and make your own!

It is from just such a leftover bit of yarn that this headband knitting pattern was born.

The scrap yarn strikes back

A while back, I had a reasonably sizable stash of French merino yarn. Gorgeous fingering weight, just a touch of added cashmere. And it lived a full and healthy life, bringing to completion a couple of stunning skirt and dress projects.

But, predictably, not all of it could be used up.

Wound into a little ball, that tiny remainder languished for ages. At first because I couldn’t think of what to do with it, and then largely because I forgot it existed at all.

(And isn’t that an absurd state of affairs? Little Miss Ribbon Headbands not connecting the dots and hearing the penny drop on the other things that could become headbands with a bit of creativity, dexterity and time. Couldn’t think of anything, indeed.)

small diadem disney princess headband full visual detail
Yes, I am still using eyes and hooks to fasten my headbands. It’s a bit of a PITA on this one, but keeping it open is still a handy way to put a headband on.

Designing the knitted headband pattern

Here’s what I knew going in:

  • I knew I had a very limited amount of yarn to work with,
  • and I started the design with the knowledge that I would have no way of getting my hands on more yarn,
  • so I knew I had no way to compensate if I came up with something that turned out to be a pretty yarnivore.

Because I knew all this, I knew right from the start that about half the length of this headband would be made up of an I-cord. Being what they are, I-cords are an incredible way to get length without using up more than the strictest minimum amount of yarn.

I mean, the only thing less yarn-consuming would be a crochet chain, but that one doesn’t lie the same, provide the same sturdiness, or even look half as pretty, when all’s said and done.

Small Diadem Disney Princess knitted headband closeup
The knitted headband in detail. As it turns out, messing around with different Polarr filters captures different facets of the yarn. And yes, I am adding light leaks as a kind of watermark.

Knowing what you want means getting what you want

I also knew I wanted something nice and narrow, to keep a visual balance between the width of the knitted piece and the thickness (or evident lack thereof, really) of the yarn.

And so I came up with this little 9-stitch pattern that I think looks absolutely beautiful, and that I find immensely flattering whenever I put it on.

This knitted headband looks extra super extra pretty when you

  • have bangs, whether blunt or sideswept — but bonus if they’re eyebrow length, because there’s a visual balance there that just adds oomph.
  • are growing out previous bangs and want to sweep them to the side and wear the edges tucked — if that’s a thing you know how to do.

Just, super pretty.

Want some yarn inspiration for your knitted headband?

Here are some of the yarns I recommend with this pattern.

Capretta Superwash

This is a gorgeous fingering yarn that comes in a variety of rich colors. Since the available shades are neither too bright nor too muted, this yarn is perfect for knitting your Disney princess headband, because it’s guaranteed to stand out just the right amount.

And if you want to knit the Small Diadem headband for a little princess in your life, you can’t go wrong with the Blush, Lilac, or Magnolia shades.

Check out Capretta Superwash here.

Stroll Glimmer

Are you a fan of sparkly things? This yarn comes with its own embedded dose of dazzle. Although there’s currently just one available shade, and it does appear on its way out altogether, the aptly-named Scarlett is a beauty.

The color may be very very bold, but truth be told this is one color I’m honestly itching to pair with a good power red lipstick.

Head here to see Stroll Glimmer in action.

Stroll Superwash

Yes, technically a sock yarn. And yes, technically that has no bearing on anything because nobody actually uses sock yarn for just socks.

However. I have full license to be dramatic, and I’m taking it whether you like it or not.

Seriously, though, I am completely in love with the color choice on offer here, to the point that I legit wouldn’t mind knitting myself one of these Disney Princess headbands in each shade. (It’s not like we’re talking a huge time investment, either, as you’ll see.)

Go see the plethora of Stroll Superwash colors here.

Lang Yarns Merino

Now this is the yarn for you if you prefer to wear darker colors.

As you can see throughout this post, I certainly didn’t let being a brunette stop me from knitting my Small Diadem headband in that gorgeous forest green shade.

The 0088 teal color looks particularly stunning, and it would probably make blue eyes pop. See the Lang Yarns Merino here.

West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite

I know what you’re thinking. This is way too decadent for a headband. (I mean, I’m one to talk, using a cashmerino blend for this project.) However, worry not. At a whopping 875 yards per skein, you can treat the headband as the afterthought I designed it as.

Like I said above, I worked up this Disney princess headband to find a way to use up an itty-bitty leftover scrap of French merino yarn. (In other words, you’ve probably got about 60 headbands’ worth in one hank… If you go crazy and devote it entirely to that.)

Plus, silk blends are utterly amazing, for a variety of reasons, and this particular silk-blend yarn boasts colors so gorgeous I for one want at least one of each.

See why West Yorkshire Spinners Exquisite has me so gaga here.

Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn

Should I start by being all dramatic again? Because yeeees, this too is a sock yarn… Look, look! It even says that about itself in the name. And if there’s one thing you don’t think when you think about sock yarns, it’s ‘glam.’ Which incidentally is one of the first words that comes to mind when you see the word ‘cashmere.’

Or, okay, I don’t know about you. But that’s at least the way it is for me.

In all seriousness, one thing’s for sure. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with Cascade. The brand has a very well-deserved reputation for reliable, workhorse yarns.

Well, this one is a soft yarn that comes in a reasonably wide variety of very rich colors.

With the skeins as generous as they are, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect project to make that will then yield the scrap required by my Small Diadem knitted headband pattern.

Visit this Cascade Heritage yarn here.

La Mia Merino

Another very fine merino yarn, this fiber comes in a good number of soft pastel colors. I love the entire range of shades so much, I can hardly pick just one. And yet, despite how utterly soothing I find the soft blues this merino comes in, I keep coming back to that kind of seafoam green color I’ve picked to link. Discover your favorite pastel prettiness here.

Do you have a favorite among all these yarns? I sure can’t pick just one.

The Small Diadem headband knitting pattern

Finally, we come to the heart of the matter.

Unlike with Triangulum, where the pattern explanation stretched on for absolute hundreds of words, this headband knitting pattern is fairly simple.

(I mean, I found the lace headband pattern pretty simple, too, but this one definitely takes the proverbial cake.)

The knitting pattern in short

To knit this diadem headband, you start with 3 stitches, which you cast on 2 mm / US size 0 / UK 14 needles (DPN’s, circulars, or straight, your choice). Preferably, use the knit or cable method.

You work an I-cord for a certain length, and write down how many rounds it took you to get that I-cord length.

Then, you work two series of increases, to bring your total up to 9 st.

You get a cable needle or spare / third DPN ready, and you begin the laddered pattern, explained below.

When you have the length you want, you work two series of decreases, to bring your total back down to 3 st.

Last, you knit the same number of I-cord rounds as you started with, you pull your yarn through your stitches, and you break.

The knitted headband pattern in detail

C/o 3 st. Work an I-cord for 14 cm / 5 1/2 in, or size explained in the pdf below.

Work the following increases:

r1 – k1fb, k1, k1fb
r2 – p all
r3 – k1, k1fb, k1, k1fb, k1
r4 – p all
r5 – k1, k1fb, k3, k1fb, k1
r6 – p all

Next, work the Laddered Waves pattern:

r1 – k all
r2 – p all
r3 – x4l, k1, x4r (open the pdf to get the explanation for these)
r4 – p all
r5 – k all
r6 – p all

Repeat these 6 rows until this laddered section measures 25 cm / 10 in, or size as explained in the pdf.

Then, work these decreases:

r1 – s1k1psso, k5, k2tog
r2 – p all
r3 – s1k1psso, k3, k2tog
r4 – p all
r5 – s1k1psso, k1, k2tog
r6 – p all

Finally, work an I-cord of the same length as the first. Draw yarn through st & break.

Download your Disney Princess headband knitting pattern

You can grab the free pdf download of this knitted headband pattern right here. Enjoy, knit up a storm, and feel free to share it with your fellow knitter friends!

And when you’ve knit this? Brag about it on Insta and don’t forget to tag me!

Small Diadem Disney Princess knitted headband styled
Not only is this knitted headband pattern a joy to knit, it is even more of a joy to wear.
(Rose petals not included. But if you do happen to be a floral kinda gal? This Diadem headband pairs beautifully with a heady rose scent.)
Small Diadem Disney Princess Headband Knitting Pattern
Want this cute font for your own banners or printables? Grab it here!
Small Diadem Disney Princess Headband Knitting Pattern
Small Diadem Disney Princess Headband Knitting Pattern

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Small Diadem Disney Princess Headband Knitting Pattern

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