My first easy blingy crochet headband pattern

My first easy blingy crochet headband pattern

Here’s a fun challenge for you.

I dare you to make your way through this quick headband pattern and not come away with one of 3 conclusions:

  • I’m really not that big on crochet.
  • I can call something “lazy-wearable” and then instantly turn around and make it the opposite of lazy.
  • I’ll make anything a pattern if it will sit still long enough.

My laziest, most basic bitch crochet headband pattern

It started, like so many creative projects usually do, with something completely different. Namely, with a Nespresso capsule.

As I told you before in my face mask nose strip roundup, it feels like I’m always looking for new things to do with my used Nespresso capsules. 

multicolored Nespresso-compatible aluminum capsules
The temptation to craft with such stunning colors is pretty irresistible.

It’s a bit of a catch-22, even, because making things that involve used aluminum coffee capsules also serves to remind me how pretty those jewel-toned colors actually are… And it makes me want to make yet more capsules. 

All in all, it’s a genius way to get myself to cut back on all that aluminum and use compostable capsules instead. 😒

Jewel tone inspiration

In this case, I was simultaneously working on that nose clip post and another project, and cutting up various color capsules, when I got to thinking…

…OK, I’m having fun with these things, but. How can I make this wearable?

(And no, I think you’ll agree with me here, face masks don’t count.)

Easy wearable project for the fundamentally lazy

Meaning me.

I immediately wanted to figure out 

  • not just how to make capsule cutouts wearable, 
  • but how to do it in the least possible amount of time, and with roughly the least possible amount of prep work.

Naturally, my mind almost immediately went to the trusty headband.

An easy crochet headband you can make in minutes

To work up my basic bitch… Sorry, lazy, easy crochet headband, I started by grabbing one of my old balls of Coats Cotton and a 1.5 mm hook. 

coats anchor sunny yellow cotton & 1.5 mm crochet hook
A happy, sunny yellow just screams summer.

I went for a pretty, sunny yellow, because a cotton headband is above all a summer accessory, and yellow just screams ‘summer’ to me.

If yellow doesn’t do anything for you, there are a lot of other gorgeous cotton shades to choose from. And if you just want to play around with this pattern, you can use any old crochet cotton you may have lying around at home.

Since I knew I wanted to work this up quickly and painlessly, I instantly decided a double-crochet pattern was the way to go. And believe me, I know calling this a pattern is almost an exaggeration. But let’s go with it anyway, ok?

The basic dc headband pattern

Easy quick crochet headband - full length curled
How’s that for a romatic sunset look? This easy crochet headband is utterly wearable as-is, without the blinging.

To begin, chain 5.

Starting in your third chain link, work 3 double crochet stitches across the row. 

Turn, chain 2, then repeat 3 dc across for 15 more rows. This makes for a total of 16 rows.

Now, increase as follows:

  • Work 2 dc in the first stitch, 1 dc in the middle stitch, and 2 dc in the last stitch of your row.
  • Crochet 5 dc as normal across the next row.
  • Work 2 dc in the first stitch, 1 dc in the next 3 stitches, then 3 dc in the last stitch of your next row.

Next, work 8 dc across each row for 30 rows.

Easy crochet headband - full length double crochet section
Neat little dc rows as far as the eye can see… As long as there’s 30 of them. 😊

To decrease, we’re going to simply reverse the increase pattern at the start. Just take care that your 2-stitch decrease overlaps with the 2-st increase above. You want the headband to keep that sort of circlet look and not go wonky.

Then, wrap things up by working another 16 rows, each 3 dc stitches across.

When you’re done, snip your thread. Weave in all ends. Block if you feel you must. (Which I absolutely did, as you can tell by my tone.)

My first easy blingy crochet headband pattern

As ever, this pattern is a guideline, not a rule


You may want to crochet this headband for someone younger. Or more elfin.

Or maybe the yarn you’re working with may be bulkier than the cotton I’m showing you here.

If you need to adjust the headband to your preferred fit, simply increase or decrease the number of rows in each headband section to fit your desired length.

Easy quick crochet headband - full length with band overlap
The perfect headband fit worked out to the barest overlap between the thin bands.

I worked this up to have the barest 1/4-in overlap between the thin bands of the headband when they’re folded over the bulkier part. Of course, I’m saying that, but it was more or less happenstance than design. 

Again, I wanted something quick as a backdrop to my “wearable” idea. It stood to reason that I’d work equal-length straps. And since I fit the headband to my head as I worked, I decided exactly where I wanted the crown to start peeking out from behind my ears.  

You can do the same to your headband as you crochet, if you want. Or you can keep this pattern as is, knowing it’s been designed to widen about halfway behind the ear.

Easy crochet headband pattern - circlet look
Asymmetrical increases give the crochet headband a gorgeous circlet look.

All in all, I don’t think crocheting this should take you more than a half hour. Not that I timed myself, of course. I just put a folding chair out in a patch of sunlight and worked away.

I’ll grant you that your hands may vary, but it will definitely be quick.

Giving the crochet headband bling

AKA the reason I made it in the first place.

Easy quick crochet headband blinged
Once you’ve weaved in all ends, it’s time to go bling.

To bling up your freshly made crochet headband, you’re going to need:

  • empty Nespresso or other compatible aluminum coffee capsules
  • one or several scrapbooking hole punches
  • Mod Podge and a paintbrush.

How to decorate your easy crochet headband

Carefully peel off the foil that covers the opening of your Nespresso capsules. Wash and dry each capsule thoroughly.

Using short scissors or jewelry pincers, carefully cut your capsules into segments by snipping upwards from the thick ridge into the dome. 

My first easy blingy crochet headband pattern
The thin capsule bands are easy to feed into the scrapbooking hole punch.

Smooth out each segment using the rounded part of your scrapbooking hole punch, then feed it into your hole punch and start cutting out shapes. 

I used a completely random selection of capsule colors and cut out a whole boatload of stars for this headband. Don’t ask me why stars would go on a yellow background, I haven’t thought of a good explanation yet. (Not just a good enough one. Good period.)

Nespresso capsule slice and cutout stars
I may not have a reason for why I picked stars, but I still love the look of them.

Once you have your collection of cutouts, stretch your headband out in front of you. Working capsule piece by capsule piece like a mosaic, brush Mod Podge on the back of your cutout shapes, then position each one on its crochet canvas and press down in place. 

Keep going until you’ve created the pattern you want… Or covered the whole headband and run out of space. Whichever comes first idk.

You get the idea that creating a clever mosaic was not where I went with this.

Easy crochet headband - full decorated length
Again with the sunset fire… But you can tell how very random I went with my star placement.
Would a motif have been so much prettier? Yes. Is it the last thing that crossed my mind? YES.

Putting the finishing touches on your headband

Once you’re done with all your pieces, lay your headband out flat. 

Thoroughly check that all your capsule pieces are sticking down the way they should be. 

If there’s any portion that looks like it’s floating over the crochet headband itself, which may happen, it’s an easy fix. Grab a toothpick, dip it in Mod Podge, and carefully brush it in between your aluminum piece and your headband. Then, just press to secure.

Leave the headband stretched out to let the Mod Podge dry, at least overnight.

Then, to fasten, either stitch the ends together, or sew in a couple pairs of eyes and hooks.

Quick crochet headband turned into overnight project

And there you have it. One quick, easy, beginner-friendly crochet pattern… And how to turn it into a long, fiddly, involved, sometimes messy process in a snap.

You may choose to keep your crochet headband plain. It would definitely work, since the first point of it was to be wearable.

Easy quick crochet headband plain
This easy crochet headband is super wearable as-is… Which in a sense also makes it reversible.

That said, it’s still worth going through the messy part. The blingy look is playful and definitely unique. You’re sure that, no matter how many of these you crochet, no two could possibly look alike.

Plus, this easy crochet headband makes the perfect canvas for a bit of creative upcycling. I used Nespresso cutouts, but your imagination is the limit as far as what else you can use.

Easy crochet headband closeup stars
Keeping the decorative cutouts spaced out leaves the crochet headband flexible, and therefore easy and comfortable to wear.

And the project is especially great for beginner crocheters, because you can practice your basic beginner stitches, your increases, and your decreases, while making something you can immediately wear.

Plan on making this? Putting it on the to-do and you can’t wait to get started? Let me know below.

My first easy blingy crochet headband pattern

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  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    What an adorable headband! This will surely brighten up any outfit. Thanks for sharing and linking up with me.

    1. Allie Vane says:

      😊 All that shine is enough to make you feel like a magpie… I love wearing it in the sun, despite not seeing the bling myself.

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