The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit

The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit

Bitten by the Halloween design bug? Here’s a list of the 13 best graphic design bundles and resources YOU NEED to make your Halloween designs, Halloween printables and Pinterest pins a hit!

The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit

Does October catch anyone else completely by surprise? I mean, September usually starts off so mild that the whole month just generally still feels like summer, and then all of a sudden, bam! Rains, cold winds, a mostly mopey-faced nature… And while you’re looking around for who to blame for this nonsense, the realization just swoops in: oh, right, October. Autumn is well and truly here.

Actual live footage of October whooshing in.

Bonus: during the making of this post, temps dropped below freezing for the first time this autumn, officially making me long for someone to blame.

Anyway. With October so prone to keeping me supplied with constant atmospheric headaches, I was this close to forgetting that the month itself ushers in the season of all things festive, and thus all things creativity-inducing as a result.

Personally, I know I’ve been on a printable design binge these past couple of days. And as it often goes, the more you create, the more your excitement simmers and bubbles and rises effervescent, and the more it makes you want to create some more.

So let’s go over some of my favorite Halloween design bundles to make your October a creative smash hit.

(Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, really quick disclosure-ooni: there are affiliate links here below. 

But seriously, a brief disclaimer: some of the links included in this post may be of an affiliate nature. That means I get a small commission if you choose to purchase the products I’ve linked to, at absolutely zero price increase to you, and just as zero an obligation to buy. Please read my Disclosure page to know more. Thank you.)

The best graphic design bundles for gorgeous Halloween designs

Lucky number 13! Or at least, Halloweeny number 13. It’s all in your perspective.

I think I don’t even need to say this, but it is a tall order, sifting through everything the internet has to offer in terms of Halloween. It’s such a popular holiday, and we just can’t help ourselves from creating content that ties into it — as bloggers, as creatives, or as brands that support these endeavors.

I decided to stick to bundles for this recommendation post, because they’re what I tend to like most of all. Sure, I’ve bought individual fonts and stuff before, but you get such a feeling of freedom from having a whole heap of design elements at your disposal… 

Even if you ultimately end up using just 10% of everything you get.

My top Halloween design bundle picks

0. The 5K bundle

5000 element lineart bundle cover
Don't let the cuteness fool you; this bundle packs a punch.

Let’s start with the biggest bundle of the bunch: the 5000-element line art bundle.

Although this is an incredibly, outrageously multipurpose bundle, it still has you covered as far as your Halloween needs. I’ll grant you, most of its usefulness is related to designing coloring books or putting coloring pages together, but if you’re looking for cute lineart, this well-rounded design bundle is sure to give you just about everything you need.

Grab the 5000-in-1 black lines bundle here.

1. The 1500 bundle

The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit
Pure Halloween cuteness awaits.

Next up, another super generous bundle, this time dedicated entirely to Halloween.

Although you still get lots of lineart, so you can still use it to design coloring printables for various Halloween-themed activities, purchasing this design bundle will also get you a lot of patterns, cartoony scene and character creators, and very bubbly, very fun colorful design elements. You can use these to create anything from picture books, to stickers, to printable covers and inner elements, and probably even clothespin puppets while you’re at it!

Download the 1500 mega Halloween bundle here.

2. The spooky mega bundle

Halloween mega bundle cover
Ghoulies, getcher ghoulies!

Did someone say creepy? It’s true that the previous couple bundles were mostly cutesy, which may not be your particular cup of Halloween tea. Not to fear, this his where the ghoulies happen. You get pumpkins and zombies and spiders and scenes, are these a few of your favorite things? #dork

The creepification factor is in full swing here, including in the terrifyingly low price!

3. The trick or treat bundle

trick-or-treat Halloween design bundle cover
Hello cuteness my old friend…

Hello cuteness my old friend… Isn’t that striping adorable? It’s like the quintessential Halloween mood pattern. And adorable is the perfect word to describe this entire bundle, with its Halloween illustrations that’ll just plain put a smile on your face.

Your stripey trickless treat awaits.

4. The pumpkin bundle

jack-o-lantern Halloween design bundle cover
Well scoop me up and call me Grinny

That’s right, this is the Jack-o-lantern of joy! A nifty little bundle containing a cool 60 little pumpkin Jack-o-faces to cover your Halloween printable needs.

Come scoop your Jack-o-download here.

5. The Happy Halloween design kit

The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit
Did someone say bones?

A very different kind of all-in-one, this bundle is more about designing your perfect atmospheric Halloween scene – complete with ghosts and haunted houses and full moons. It also includes a few clever frames and patterns to help you set the spooky scene.

Make no bones about it; get yours here.

6. The happy fall collection

The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit
Really joyful about autumn.

More of a multipurpose autumn bundle than a strictly Halloween offering, this illustration bundle is a very cute and very artsy set of printable design elements. I don’t know about you, but I find the illustration style sparkling with personality: just the thing to add a little touch of je ne sais quoi to your works. Plus, bonus! This Halloween bundle includes two very pretty fonts that fit right in with the autumn theme.

Fall happy here.

7. The arty Halloween set

spooky Halloween clipart cover
Endearingly spooky

Ready to set a dramatic, cartoony scene? I love that while spooky is one of the defining traits of Halloween, we can have such varied takes on what defines the word, and yet they all capture the essence of it.

This bundle has all the ingredients for a monumental, yet utterly adorable hair-raising. The cute illustration style showcased by the elements inside the spooky Halloween clipart bundle are utterly perfect for kids’ printables, but they’re so playful they could bring just the right touch of whimsy to bookmarks, planners, invites, or other projects, too.

Get spooked!

8. The hand-drawn Halloween bundle

hand-drawn Halloween bundle cover
Drawn but not quartered.

Simpler but by no means lesser, this cute bundle is full of hand-drawn lineart illustrations and punny text-based graphics. Perfect for printables that involve coloring projects or inspirational printables with a twist.

Let’s drive you batty!

9. The Boo-tiful Halloween bundle

boo-tiful Halloween design bundle cover
Putting the boo in creative boost.

Let’s go from pun to pun, and from batty to boo-tiful. (What does it say about my humor that I just made myself tee-hee? I ask, but do I want to know?)

Another versatile offering that’s overflowing with illustrations and playful Halloween quotes, this bundle puts a lovely fresh spin on all the classic Halloween elements — witches, pumpkins, the works. It’s perfect for you if you like designing with text, and certainly if you like your designs to be just that bit different and stand out.

Ready to say boo?

number 9 Halloween design bundle cover
Yet more Cute-loween.

10. Bundle number 9

Not what it’s called, but a girl can improvise, right? This Halloween design bundle is a cute — and I mean uber cute — all-in-one package that focuses as much on candy and whimsy as it does on the tried and true classics of Halloween. The elements come in lineart as well as full color, and they are perfect if you’re looking to create some playful designs.

Spritz on some Bundle number 9 this way.

11. The mini Halloween bundle

Halloween crafts Halloween design bundle cover
Minimalist chic.

This is a case of what you see is what you get, where the bundle’s cover image basically showcases all the elements it includes. This may seem tiny compared to the others on the list, but if you’re someone who gets lost in too many options, this may just be the perfect choice for you.

Are you bewitched?

12. And at last, some fonts!

grunge vintage font bundle cover
A fontual smorgasbord.

Although I love the hand lettering you get in some of the previous bundles I linked to above, I have to admit to a fondness for new fonts, because they’re such an easy way to put a fresh twist on even the most spectacular premade graphics. And this grungy, vintage bundle is so incredibly on-theme. From smooth to distressed, from blocky to sleek, you’re sure to use this font selection far and beyond your Halloween designs.

Don’t hold a grunge, grab the vintage font giga bundle here.

Wrapping it up

Oh, whoops, thought we were done here? Nah, I actually found you a couple of amazing freebies to further set the Halloween mood!

14. The spooky illustrations free Halloween bundle

happy Halloween free Halloween design bundle cover
A glowing Halloween.

There are a lot of delightful elements in this set, from some properly ghouly painted icons to a rich selection of typical Halloween shapes you can mix and match. You also get a couple of pre-made scenes that you can use as they are or break down into layers to do with those elements as you please.

Feeling spooky, punk?

15. Stock ahoy!

20 stock free Halloween design bundle cover
All the autumn moods.

Admittedly, I didn’t direct any of my focus on stock photos during my bundle hunt. However, I couldn’t not link to this fall-tastic free stock photo bundle that is just perfect for creating Pinterest pins and various social media banners. Beyond your Halloween graphics and promotions, this stock photo bundle can keep you supplied with creative bases all through the autumn months.

Fall for some gorgeous negative space right here.

16. Pumpkin Rose Pretty

pumpkin rose free Halloween design bundle cover
Bewitchingly feminine.

This breathtaking watercolor bundle comes with a handful of floral and pumpkin elements, along with some seamless patterns, that can enhance any kind of ultra-feminine, fall-themed design, not just the Halloween kind.

Make your designs bloom.

17. Load up on your fiber

fibre free Halloween design font cover
Another pun would really be stretching it.

Ugh. Okay. I know. That was the worst heading in the history of headings.

What is far from the worst, however, is this gorgeous grunge font, and my final freebie recommendation. In numbers, it is one; but in potential, it is mighty. You can use this amazing free font for anything from product labels to quote graphics to printables, to any and everything in between.

Fee-Fiber-Fo-Fum, I smell a font full of Halloween fun!

All right; now I really am done. Go forth and download what you need for a mighty — and epically fun! — Halloween, and be sure to let me know which of these bundles you liked best!

The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit

The best Halloween design bundles you need to make your designs a hit

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