The Wolf Citadel

wolf citadel volume 1

It all starts with a young woman’s accident on a secluded mountain road that’s supposed to be closed.

She’s rescued by a mysterious local man… Who gives her his blood so that she can live.

From the moment his gift takes, follow Manon — the name our heroine is given by her rescuer — as she tries to discover her identity and relearn who she is.

Grab the first volume of this sexy new werewolf romance with a contemporary French twist. Buy it now on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, or B&N.

wolf citadel volume 2

Despite her most strenuous efforts, Manon is still no closer to recovering her memories. She can only hope that stepping back into her life will be enough to give her back her life.

Instead, nothing she learns about herself feels real. And to make matters worse, her mysterious rescuer is suddenly nowhere to be found, just as he was helping her feel less adrift.

Meanwhile, caught between denial and acceptance, will Morgan be able to save his soulmate when he’s stuck in his werewolf form?

The course of true love ne’er did run smooth… And somehow it’s even worse for soulmates.

Find out what twists and turns fate has in store in the second volume of the French werewolf romance saga The Wolf Citadel: Snare. Get it on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, and B&N now!

The Wolf Citadel

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