Inspirational Quotes of the Week

Quotes that inspired or uplifted me this week

I love reading little bite-sized bits of wisdom; so much so that I often go trolling for quotes. (Although, full disclosure, the fact that I love making graphics may or may not have something to do with that one.)

They don’t even all have to be positive quotes.

Yes, it can be supremely uplifting to read something and feel like the person who said or wrote that was going through what you’re going through. To feel like they were feeling enough of what you’re feeling that they managed to put it into just the right words. That they could put their finger right where it hurts.

But sometimes, virulently disagreeing with something can do you just as much good. It can be cathartic. What’s more, you might not even know exactly how you’re feeling about something until you see a bunch of words that make you go, ‘No. No, you know what? Whatever you’re selling, I’m a 180 from you.’

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Inspirational Quotes of the Week

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