In a Tizzy

'In a Tizzy' - A Stress-Relief Adult Coloring Book

It’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it. • Hans Selye

That may be true, but unfortunately, it seems like there are always more ways for us to get stressed than there are ways to fight it or to release it.


Between the stress about money, stress about health, stress about the kids, stress about politics, stress about that weird noise the car made… Every day can seem like one long reaction that just snowballs and snowballs.

Well, enough is enough. It’s time to fight a daily nuisance with a quick, fun, and efficient daily fix!


Listen, I’m not going to tell you that coloring is some kind of cure-all, but it can greatly improve your day.

Here’s how.

You can focus on something that’s been bothering you and tease the solution out as you color, or you can choose to just breathe and empty your head of all thoughts.

You can close your eyes and reach for a color, or challenge yourself by giving yourself a palette or a theme.

You can keep the book as-is or pick out a page at will so you can have something to do while you’re waiting for dinner to heat up or when you get put on hold on a call.

You can color when you feel like it because you feel like it, or you can color with purpose, to tame some anxiety before an evaluation or an interview.

You can color to bring vibrant beauty into your life, or you can color to cope.

You can color to give your imagination a jumpstart, or you can color because you have too much imagination going and you need to give it something to do.


Start as low as 5 minutes a day.

There are no rules, and definitely no limits. Some days, it’ll feel like therapy. Some days, it’ll feel like fun.

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